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>Ceres Fire Department

In October 1987, the Ceres, California Fire Department conducted some tests of Cerama-Tech on a building they were going to burn down as part of a firefighting training session.

The experiment began by painting two side-by-side patches on the siding of the house. One was a coat of regular exterior house paint, and the other was a coat of Cerama-Tech. A torch was held to each side sequentially to determine how long each material took to allow the heat through to ignite the siding underneath. The results were so amazing, the firefighters kept repeating it over and over to reconfirm the results. Each time, they got the same message: Cerama-Tech is a fabulous fire retardant!


Material Time to ignite siding (average)
Regular paint 7-8 seconds
Cerama-Tech 22-24 seconds

Their second experiment consisted of dousing each patch with gasoline and igniting it with a torch. They wanted to see whether the Cerama-Tech would bubble off. One problem arose with the experiment: While the regular paint patch blazed away (ignited instantly), they were unable to get the Cerama-Tech patch ignited! It never burned!