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>Richard Petty
Famous race car driver Richard Petty's chief mechanic was looking for some kind of insulation for the driver's seat because during the race, temperatures reach up to 140 degrees underneath the seat. He was introduced to Cerama-Tech, with which he painted the under-carriage. This solved this main problem, but the real benefit was learned by accident. Since the paint worked so well in minimizing the temperature under the seat, he decided to paint some other parts of the race car's engine. A couple of weeks later he was working on the engine outdoors on a typical North Carolina summer day and layed the parts down on the ground where they received direct sunlight. After an hour or so, he picked up a couple of pieces and replaced them. Not thinking anything of it, he picked up the third piece and immediately dropped it to the ground because it was too hot to handle. He then realized that the first two parts had been Cerama-Tech'ed and they were cool to the touch. The third was not. What an additional benefit!