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Cerama-Tech is classified as a radiant control coating which creates a radiant barrier deflecting solar heat from entering into a structure.

Cerama-Tech is a premium grade elastomeric coating that is combined with ceramic platelets and other inert compounds, producing a long lasting, energy saving, certified fire retardant paint.

Long Lasting... 15 Year Warranty
Ultra violet rays are the primary factor that causes ordinary paint to fade and break down, but because of space-age technology, Cerama-Tech is virtually unaffected. That is one of the reasons we are able to warranty this product for 15 years and that's why you will never paint your home again!

Lowers Kilowatt Consumption...by over 51%
Regardless of the thickness of your exterior walls, the sun's heat will eventually penetrate. This added heat causes your air conditioner to run for longer periods of time increasing the amount of money you spend for power. An application of Cerama-Tech on outside surfaces forms a radiant barrier that reduces heat penetration and lowers your power bills.

A lengthly test conducted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Department of Mechanical Engineering in conjunction with Nevada Power, and the Arid Regions Building Laboratory, established that Cerama-Tech reduced kilowatt consumption by over 51 percent

Also in cooler months, Cerama-Tech is able to maintain a selected temperature for longer periods of time.

Fire Retardant
Cerama-Tech gives your home the added value of safety and fire protection because it slows the spread of fire.

Certified by the State of Nevada Fire Marshal as a Fire Retardant.

Other Features
Cerama-Tech is a water-based acrylic product that comes in a wide range of colors, conforming to all existing surface textures.

This abuse resistant product is warranted against cracking, peeling or flaking. It also creates a water resistant membrane that's impervious to outside elements, atmospheric conditions, and lawn watering deterioration.

Moderate Cost
When comparing cost per container, Cerama-Tech is more expensive than regular paint, Initial labor costs, life of material, maintenance, and energy savings should be considered to properly determine cost per square foot.

In the News
Cerama-Tech has been written about in Nevada Power "Cool News", the Las Vegas Sun, North by Northwest, and has been mentioned on TV as part of Nevada Power's Energy 2000 series, with Nathan Tannenbaum.

Cerama-Tech is a premium grade elastomeric that is able to contract and expand, preventing hair-line cracks.

Physical Properties

  • ASTM D 2370 - Elongation
  • ASTM D 3806 - Flame Spread
  • ASTM E 84 - Flame Spread
  • ASTM E 408 - Emissivity
  • ASTM D 4541 - Peel Adhesion
  • UNLV Wattmeter Reading
  • CA Title 25 - Solar Reflectivity
Free Sample
Call or write to receive a free product swatch so that you can feel its amazing qualities by bending, rolling, and stretching it.